Taking the Dog Route on K9

Fresh snow and ice covered the Puget Sound making traveling a bit precarious. With a blue bird day, snow plowed on Highway 2, and low avalanche danger; staying home was not an option. Due to tricky issues with planning a ski trip joining Steve’s adventure turned out to be a great call with rewarding views. Ironically Lynn-hood was probably the sketchiest part of the trip due to the requirement of needing to be an ice skater champion. Somehow I managed not to fall on my rump while crossing through town.

After meeting up with Steve we arrive at the trailhead at 9am. The pullout near the starting spot was for emergencies only; so we pulled out to an open edge of the Highway pondering on how to proceed. A WSDOT agent came by informing us that normally it wasn’t allowed but he’d make an exception for today due to the road not needing to be plowed. For future reference he said to park down by the train crossing which was a mile west of the pin turn. We threw on our snowshoes and did a short walk to the trailhead. Snow conditions were good with an already beautifully plowed trail.

With a little off route traveling we decided to stick with the creek bed that led to Hope Lake. Pulled out my ice axe to skirt a mini waterfall.

Burritos and cake fueled my legs for trail blazing up the rest of the route. As the views came in my spoiled eyes were delighted that this mountain surpassed all expectations. There was even an optional snow ramp to re-live the alpine days while being gentle enough on the sides that one could bring their k9 friends.

The summit was extra chilly forcing us to bail off the top after 5 minutes followed by more burritos and a cinnamon roll (Stehekin can take a hike). Gloves froze over making expedition mitts the only reasonable option to get back to the Bahamas. “Awwhhhhh nice” I smile up at the sun as the throbbing goes away. It was getting later in the day so we decided to dash on back. The trees near Stevens Pass were dry; back at home it looked like winter paradise with lots of ice.

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