Hitch Hiking Home

It all started on a febuary afternoon of 2005, when my family was going to go on a hike to Mt. Pilchuck summit but we got there too late. We decided on Heather Lake instead and my brother Kyle and Zack came and they don’t get along very well. It was a nice hike to the lake. Once we got there we had a picnic and had Lunch/Dinner. After that, my mom and Kyle and Zach wanted to turn back, but me and Michael wanted to scramble up this rock pile to get a view above the lake which is off trail. After scrambling up, we noticed that it was starting to become sunset so we headed down.

On the way down we almost lost the trail a few times and when it was almost dark we got to the parking lot. “No Way” I said because when we got there the car was gone and my mom or anyone else was’nt there exept for my brother Michael who had been with me the whole time. It so happend that my mother wanted to go up and see the sunset, but within the time we got there was the time she was gone. We waited a long time, but not long enough but we did’nt know at the time. We came up with a theory of what If they left us on accedent because Zach might have got in a fight with Kyle or something like that. So we decided to walk down to Verlot to go use a phone. It was dark by this point. We did not have money for the pay phone so we kept walking through the town. Later when it was about 8:00P.M. we got to someones house and asked if we could use there phone, they allowed us to and it was long distance and no one answered because my mom was not home. Just as we were about to leave the guy offers us a ride to Granite Falls which is were my Aunt who we do not know lives. Once we got there we could not find her house so he offered us a ride all the way home. Very generous to do that for some strangers and we live close to Seattle. After that we told him my mothers license plate number so that he could check there to make sure everything was ok. My mom’s side of the story is she wanted to see the sunset from the upper parking lot and decided that we would not be back for a little while, but it just so happends that in that amount of time things can go out of hand. When they drove back they decided to hike up to Heather lake in the dark. When she got to the lake she looked all over and obviously could not find us because we were at home. After going back down my mom was worried sick and kept waiting. At about 12:00P.M. the guy who gave us a ride home told what happend and we all made it home safely.

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