Hiking Mount Persis

Lake Near the Top

Me, Gimplator, East King, Ben, and Anna decided on going on a hike to Mount Persis. I was very exited, and I spent the night at Gimplator’s house, and could hardly sleep from exitement. We woke up the next morning which was October 19, 2008 and had oat meal and headed out. On the way there, I relized that I perhaps forgot my camera battery, and sure enough when I checked, I had forgotten it! To me, this is horrible, because I am a photo maniac, but atleast Gimp brought his, so I guess I would be ok, but it was awesome weather, so things started getting better from there. We meet up at the McDonalds in Monroe and head out to the trailhead. At first, we past it, but went back because it was near the end of the road, and did’nt look much like a trail at first. We were the only ones there. We packed all our gear, and I decided against bringing my ice axe. The Hike started out going through trees, but the path was clear enough to make out, although at times it was a little bit harder than normal trails to figure out the right way. It kept going up and up, and finally views appeared, and I could see that the Puget Sound Below was covered by a layer of fog, while it was so clear up here. After a while, we found a grey sweat shirt which was left by someone and we were the only ones there, so they truely abandoned it, plus it was dirty looking. We eventually got to a rock pile, which there was some ice, which I got to break, which sounded like glass breaking, which sounds awesome! After breaking all the gul, we evenually arrived onto the ridge, which views of Rainier, and much more appeared. We took a break, and hiked up to two minature lakes, which were frozen at the end, and of coarse I broke some of the ice, and unfortunatly there was no snow!! We continued hiking up, and could see the summit, I was very exited to be able to reach other summit! When we got there, we had a big break, with food, and East King making his photo poses, and making a video or two. The View was awesome, better than I expected! I could see from Mount Pilchuck, to Vesper, to Glacier Peak, to the Monte Cristo Peaks, to the North Cascades, to Mount Stuart, and to Mount Rainier… I could pretty much see my five favorite mountains. Then of coarse I had to make a panorama of photos using Gimplator’s camera. I also made a video but it turns out by accedent I had the camera side ways which is a bummer, but we still had a great time on the summit. Also there was a giant cliff in front of the summit, which was I believe over 1,000 feet down! It reminds me of the cliff on Three Fingers. After more photo taking, and eating, which took about an hour, we had to head down, which I always don’t want to leave the summit. The way down at first was fun for me, because we got to go at a nice page down, and of coarse, I got to break more ice! We had a lot of discussions, and on the way down, we came across a part were there was a temporary split in the trail. “When choosing between two devils, I choose the one more interesting” which means, I of coarse would pick the funner one which was steeper. On the way down I did’nt realize that the mud was slippery, so I fell down a bit, and scrated my upper arm, which was’nt too bad, but I had to stall the group, and use my first aid kit to prevent infection. After this, we had more and more discussions about joining this group called OSAT, which sounds pretty good. And finally we reach the bottom, which we took a break and everyone in the group gave me one item. It was very nice of them. It was the end of a fun hike, and I hope to go hiking again with this group of people some time.

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