Another Day at Meadowdale

Biking to Meadowdale

It was a nice day with a light dusting of snow everywere, not enough to make it hazardous to ride a bike, so me and my friend Sean decided why not go here again, but the diffrence was it was much colder and it was snowing a little bit, plus it had a more stormy feel to it. Once again after we got back from church we decided it was time for another bike ride.

 We got to the trail fine without any problems, but we took a wrong fork. The trail became too ruggid and thorn bushes soon blocked the way so we had to turn around. We had to hurry because it was some what dark out and winter time. When we got to the right trail, or atleast one that went the right way, it was very bumpy and at some parts we had to walk our bike or carry it over logs. When we got to the beach it was very cold, but we could see the faint colors of sunset. I took some photo's of moving waves with long exposures until my camera ran out of power. It was getting dark fast so we had to hurry back up. At the top of the hill I had just enough power in my camera to get another shot. Once again another fun bike ride.

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