A Nice Day Riding to Meadow Dale

Riding to Meadow Dale Beach

All though this was’nt much of a bike ride, me and my friend Sean made the best of it. The trail it self was about 1.25 miles each way, but we decided to ride our bike to the place which would add more distance making the trip somewere around 7 to 8 miles. This does’nt sound like much to a mountain biker, but yester day I went snowboarding which was tiring, and there was a lot of steep down and up hill. Before the trip I was going to go on a hike but my mother was out so I could’nt go 🙁 , so me and Sean went to the store to buy some pop… plus who could’nt forget the donuts! (Ok, I know there bad for me, but we could’nt resist) and decided on going on a bike ride. It was hotter than usual and for the first time in a long time was acually sunny! We rinsed out our bottles and headed out for the ride to the trail. Right before reaching the trail there’s a very steep part which is fun for riding down fast, fortunatly I have good brakes.

The Trail

I took a few photos from the parkinglot and headed down the trail, which unfortunatly there are a lot of logs (don’t ask me why they put them in the middle of the trail, perhaps to encourage people to go slower, but really adds to the danger) that we have to avoid. Oh and did I ever mention that the trail starts down hill, and the way back you go back up. After this, I did something foolish, I attempted to get a photo of my friend riding down while I was, which would have worked out, but my friend was yelling me to hurry up. (He’s a little impatient 😉 ) As a result, I hurried up, and tripped over one of the logs and fell on my face. Owch… although it was’nt that bad, I got a few cuts and got dirty and people asked me if I was alright, and a few asked if I need to call someone or something like that, but really not a big deal. But once again I thought “Why do I get my self into these situations?”. My friend asked me if I was alright which I was. We take a brake and see that there’s a little mist in the forest and some sun beams which I had to take a photo of.

After this, we rode a little bit more down the trail until we got to the stair stepper part which was too steep for a bike. My crazy friend Sean went down some of it, but had to walk the rest.

After this it even’s out and we come upon the part with a washout which is why the trail was closed for so long. Fortunatly they made a go around part of the trail and we get back on pace and take a few photo’s here and there until we finally get to the park which is right before the beach. At the beach, we could see the Olympic Mountains which were very beautiful, so I had to make a panorama, and soon after that, a mist covered them, so you could say I had good timing.

We had a few snacks and then decided it was time to go. Back at the park which was about .1 miles from the beach, my friend Sean was being a goof, and bailed my bike into a creek, but fortunatly I got a recording of it.

Heading back

We took a diffrent route back, because we decided it would be more interestiong. At first we had to walk out bikes up a big hill, then ride down some other hills, then went up this long up hill road which at first was questionable but fortunatly leaded us the right way home. In total the trip was about 4 hours and I was acually a bit tired, probably from snowboarding the day before. But it was a fun day, and even though I did’nt get to go to my beloved mountains, I got to spend time with my friend and it was a hill. Hope next time to get some sunset photo’s.

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