20 Mile Jog to Wallace Lake

This was my biggest jog yet! Although I have hiked 20 miles in a day before, I have never jogged this distance in 4 and a half hours, especially uphill. Our destination was between Wallace Lake and Jay Lake which officially made the trip 10 miles each way (although probably slightly more). Click Here to See Our Route.

This trip took place Sunday June 6, 2010. Joanna told me "Wanna Run to Wallace Lake? I’ll totally trash you" which I believed hr because when we went up and down Mount Si with 18 or so miles, she said it was a piece of cake. The weather was too bad to go for the high peaks, but not too bad to go anywhere. Joanna bought me breakfast which was very nice of her, believe me, the energy would be needed for this!

Amazingly the weather was decent when we started out, there were some views of the mountains with some nice mist. After the first 2 or so miles I had already developed some pains, but fortunately they went away. As I ran for some reason this song was rolling through my head as we were jogging along, but I did not mind, in ways I liked it. 

As the run went on, there was more clouds that came in, but I liked the atmosphere to the place, the mountains looked nice and misty, the air had a wonderful smell to it, not just the wet smell but of fresh flowers and trees. Even though it was hard work at times, it was quite peaceful. Sometimes Joanna and I would have conversations.









After a while we reached the lake which was exciting. After this we decided to head over to Jay lake, unfortunately there was some mud on the way which got my new shoes wet.  bawl.gif Oh well.  embarassedlaugh.gif Joanna wanted to turn around and said we were around the 10 mile mark, but then I asked "Are you sure this is it?" and then she said "ok we can go a little further to make for sure we make 10 miles". Just before we get to Jay lake, we turn around from here, Holly was very happy about this.  smile.gif









I knew only half the battle was won, even though the way down is "easier" there is the tired factor which I knew this which is why I did not celebrate yet when at the turn around point. The lake reflection was nice and scenic as we ran past back down.






At some points on the way down it began to ran, which was fine because it helped keep me cool, not once did I have to wear a long sleeve shirt. As we ran down we saw a bear up ahead. It was a cute sight, but then Holly scared the bear away.  lol.gif


As we both got tired, Joanna finally confessed "Well when I said trash you, I meant I would get trashed first" which this statement suprised me. The main issue that was going on with Joanna was joint issues, she said muscle strong she was fine, with me it was my legs that were getting tired.

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I never did end up getting trashed, but came close to feeling that way towards the last mile to half mile, I kept thinking about "oh how nice that muffin will be". When I was running my legs started to cramp up due to dyhration, but I kept running because I can. When I got to the car I was so happy. Then it was muffin time!  biggrin.gif This proved to be a very fun trip, and got some great exercise, and found out I could jog more than I thought I was physically capible.

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